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Accreditation Survey Assistance & Employee Training

For our existing business clients, The Power Zone offers Corporate Coaching and Consulting tools to assist with business expansion, increase efficiency, as well as ensure sound quality control methods are being utilized.   Your staff members may register for individual training courses listed below.  However, we also provide monthly training contracts to ensure all of your training needs are met.

Assistance with Accreditation Survey

Corporate Coaches/Consultants with over 30 years of experience will assist you with:

  • Conducting a Performance Analysis to ensure your agency meets accreditation standards

  • Assist with Policies and Procedures

  • Assist with quality control plans, status reports and annual reviews

  • Developing and analyzing outcomes data

  • And much, much more....


Corporate Compliance

Your Corporate Coach/Consultant will provide scheduled on-site reviews to assist you with developing and implementing your corporate compliance plan.  They work closely with you to prevent deficiencies and provide you with a variety of tools to remediate any deficiencies found.

Employee Development / Online and Onsite 
Training Opportunites

The Power Zone Provides a variety of training courses online to streamline the development of your staff members.  We also provide training onsite, including, but not limited to:

  • Person Centered Thinking / 12 hour curriculum

  • First Aid/CPR/Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Service Definition Training / Direct Care Boot-camp

  • Documentation Training

  • PCP Instructional Elements / Crisis Response

  • Cultural Competency and Diversity

  • Clients Rights / Ethical Codes of Conduct

  • Customer Service Training


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