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What We Do

Behavioral Health Services

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Virtual Therapeutic Support Services - Licensed Staff


We have Licensed Counselors who provide virtual therapeutic supports services throughout the week.  Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and focus on areas such as: 

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Career Development

  • Family Sessions

Our clinicians use evidence based practices to support your treatment needs. 

Virtual Life Coaching Program

Our Certified Professional Life Coaches work with individuals seeking to enhance their personal and professional lives with developing organizational skills, increasing their efficiency and balancing life expectations.  We provide support with:

  • Business Development

  • Balancing Work / Healthier Lifestyle.

We provide full-service support packages that include website design, training tools, as well as assistance with the development of mobile support tools. 


Co Workers
Virtual Health and Wellness Coaching

Our Health and Wellness Coaches assist agencies in:

  • developing health and wellness programs for their employees

  • focusing on ensuring they are engaging in self-care and managing the stress often associated with stressful careers in the mental health field.  

  • focusing specifically on the prevention of burnout and the development of compassion fatigue for direct care staff members.

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Meet The Clinical Coordinator

The Power Zone's therapeutic and mental health coaching services are coordinated and supervised by our Clinician Coordinator,  Dr. Angela Seabrooks.

  • Dr. Seabrooks began her career in the mental health field over 30 years ago supporting children and adolescents with various mental health disorders. 

  • She continues to provide support services for children and adults as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor.

  • Dr. Seabrooks began providing mental health coaching services in 2014, after she became a Certified Professional Life Coach, working with a variety of clients at her wellness center.  

  • Dr. Seabrooks has supported individuals through a multitude of business and personal development issues, as well as providing health and wellness coaching for a more comprehensive approach to resolving their concerns and overcoming their challenges. 

  • For support navigating your challenges and to gain clarity for your future, complete the Consultation Request form below. 


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Angela Seabrooks, EdD, CPC, LCMHC

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