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Our Expertise in Business Development

At The Power Zone, we provide cutting edge online training and development services and virtual office support to help our clients streamline staff development and their internal processes. We strive to provide quality coaching, consulting and training services for both corporate and individual clients seeking to enhance existing businesses as well as obtain more personal fulfillment.   
Online Training and Virtual Office Support
  • Streamline your agency training and development for staff members

  • Streamline your HR protocols

  • Seeking to expand your existing business 

  • Need assistance with marketing, business development......


  • Need assistance with an accreditation survey, analyzing outcomes data throughout the year

  • Quality control tools, strategic planning

  • Risk analysis, and support with remediation.

Accreditation Survey Assistance / Quality Control
Employee Development 
  • Streamline staff development

  • Reduce time employees are removed from direct care work through online courses.

  • Receive virtual support for HR procedures, Utilization Management and quality control procedures.


Life Coaching For Individuals
  • Can't seem to organize your personal and/or professional life

  • Need guidance with starting a second career / family problems

  • Starting a new business....

Health and Wellness Coaching
  • Trying to develop a healthier lifestyle

  • Need assistance with managing stress and burnout 

  • Need to develop a wellness program for your employees to help manage compassion fatigue....


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