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Taking Control of the Obstacles

When you reflect on your goals and dreams, and the plans you have discussed and outlined over the years, ask yourself a few simple questions.....why haven't you activated the yet? What are the obstacles standing in your way? When individuals request a life coaching session, they often begin with, what is perceived as the immediate problem. I want to start a business....or I want to advance my career....or how do I balance work and family life? As we examine their identified concerns, we often delve deeper into the areas in their lives in which they feel dissatisfied, which often uncover various obstacles present that have prevented them from taking the steps needed to bring their goals and dreams to fruition. As we embark upon this next series of identifying the obstacles in your life, I encourage you to keep a journal, or take notes, of your thoughts, feelings and reflections, as you begin to grow. See you in the Zone!

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